Establishment of the Foundation of Next Indonesia Unicorn (NextICorn), and Rambun Tjajo, as one of the board-members

The foundation of the Next Indonesia Unicorn (NextICorn) is officially being established on 5 April 2019, with the signing of the deed of establishment of the foundation by the Minister of Communication and Informatics, Rudiantara and Head of the Capital Investment Coordinating Board, Thomas Lembong, at the Greenhouse, Multivision Tower, Jakarta.

Among others who attended the signing, the board-members of NextIcorn, who are also the special staffs of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, to include Lis Sutjiati, Rambun Tjajo, Donald Wirahardja, David Rimbo, Rudy Ramawy, dan Italo Gani. These people are known as figures in the digital economic industry. Also attended in witnessing this signatory of the deed, were the Director General of Informatics, Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Semuel A. Pangerapan, and Head of Planning Beaureu, Secretary General of Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Arifin Lubis.

NextICorn (Next Indonesia Unicorn) is cooperation between private industry and the government, looking for the best startups in Indonesia, who are ready to receive funding from foreign and domestic investors. Being established in 2017, and from then on, NextICorn is continuously looking for the next unicorns (startups) in Indonesia, and also meeting new foreign investors in United States, China, Singapore, South Korea and Japan. The achievement of NextICorn has received recognition from overseas, as being stated by the Director General of Communication and Informatics, Semuel A. Pangerapan, in which NextICorn has became an ASEAN program or initiative, and would be used as a benchmark to be adopted by several countries such as South Korea, United States and Saudi Arabia.

The facilities being offered by NextICorn, is not only in meeting with the proposed venture capital (VC) but also opening up the opportunity for funding, technology, marketing and other business model support. The Board agrees that the establishment of the foundation is the right thing to manage and conduct other activities to facilitate the born of new Indonesian unicorns (startups).

NextICorn (Next Indonesian Unicorns) platform streamlines and promotes Indonesia’s most investable startups to all sources of investment, both local and foreign. Its vision is to create the next Indonesian unicorns under the joint key initiative by the ICT Ministry, AMVESINDO and world class professional service firms Ernst & Young to promote the growth of Indonesia’s digital sector – which has attracted over USD 4 billion in investment into early-stage companies in 2017, a figure that has grown 60-fold over the past 5 years.

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